My name is Nicholas Podany. I could give you my resume here, but there will be links to those later on down the road. I'm a creator in mind, and a collaborator at heart. Actually, that's a pretty good summation. Here is my resume!

Acting Resume


That’s a wrap on my first feature film, playing the lead singer of Summertime Dropouts. I came in an actor, and left as a punk, songwriter, collaborator, friend, and a part of a new and incredible family. Produced by Winterstate Entertainment, this is one to look forward to in 2019!

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 10.15.23 PM.jpeg

A short film I created with my good friend Jack Frerer is about to start making it’s rounds at festivals… and has already been an official selection at the CUMP Film Festival in Kenya! Jack is an unbelievably talented composer, and made this short film after having written the score. The process was incredible, and so is the product. I’ll keep you posted on more developments.

Heartbeats 5.jpg

After having written too many overly romanticized pop songs, I decided to write one about taking things regrettably fast...

Falling Stars cover.jpg

Falling Stars A New Original

Recently, I had the honor of recording with my old cast member, Mike Nappi, a brilliant trumpet player as well as actor. After a few hours in "the studio" [which is really just my bedroom (which is really just my apartment)], my song "Falling Stars" had a brand new soul to it. So here it is in full, for free! (photo by Steven Osborne)

I've also written some plays, series, and short plays! Not many, but certainly a few. If any of that interests you, you can CLICK HERE to read sections of my writing.

If you've gotten this far, well done. I'm surprised you haven't clicked on any links yet, but at least you found this last little bit of text at the bottom of the page. I don't know what you were expecting... a joke? 

What's blue and smells like red paint?

Blue paint.

If you weren't looking for a joke, but instead more of my website, there are links at the top of the page guiding you to different pages, links, and even a way to contact me directly. If you don't know what 'links' or 'pages' are, there's really nothing more I can do to help you.