Where to begin with this project…

I was so lucky to have this as my first feature film. The role was as rewarding as it was challenging, the cast was as hard working as they were loving, and the music… well the music just rocked. By the end of it, I am a proud co-songwriter of three of the original songs appearing in the film, and was given a free masterclass in recording and performing by the original Summertime Dropouts. Oh, yea, that’s right! They were a real band! And a terrific one at that!

The six leads of the film, Crystal Lake Evans, Caleb Donahoe, Melanie Brook, Takaya Abdou-Lloyd, Serena Williams, and myself, are not yet ready to say goodbye to one another, so whether it be a sequel, or a new pop-up band in New York, stay tuned to hear some of our punk rock awesomeness!


Until next time, punks.