It's been an incredibly formative four years, and now it's time to go. Well, actually I had to go pretty much as soon as the ceremony was done to make it to my show that night.

I know I'll always have the teachers there who inspired me as part of my extended family. And I know I'll stay in touch with my group mates, who I've spent more time with than any family member I've ever known. So basically, all I've given up is my school I.D. and mail key. Not a bad trade for a degree and life changing lessons. 

During the ceremony, I was surprised with being awarded the Michel & Suria Saint-Denis Prize in Drama. And my classmates Manon Gage, Brittany Bradford, Allen Tedder, and Toney Goins were also honored with various awards. And when the entire group walked across the stage to receive their degrees, I was practically bursting with pride.

Off we go!