Farewell, Harlequin. I must say, if it hadn't been for the opportunity given to me by the awesome Stephen Wadsworth, I might have never known how much I love commedia dell'arte. I was on my toes the whole time, and always having to keep my engine running at 100% whenever I was out on stage. It was an absolute joy, and I was delighted to hear that the audience felt the same way! People who attended have consistently been more likely to talk about the solidity and greatness ensemble as a whole than any one particular person, and I consider that to be the highest of compliments. We put together a complete story, not separate chances for individuals to show off. And now, I will be ready and excited to play Harlequin from now till the day my body can't climb a 10 foot carriage. 

But seeing as it's over, we're diving immediately into the next show at Juilliard; Waiting For Godot. Weirdly, this has been one of my favorite show since I was 7. That's right, my parents took a 7 year old to an existential Samuel Beckett play. But hey, turns out I liked it! A lot! And here I am, about 40 years ahead of schedule, playing Estragon at the end of my fourth year. With Moni Yakim directing, who has been at the school for 50 years since Group 1, I couldn't have dreamed a better way to end my career as a student. It will be running from February 11th-17th. You can get tickets by CLICKING HERE

           from wit to waiting....

We have our first reading this next Monday, so wish me luck!