So IS My Album Done Yet?

After a week filled with collaborating with some incredible artists like Toney Goins, Nya Muchai-Kinya, Elisabeth Evans, and Mike Nappi, I'm proud to say my album is close to completion! I'm now sending it out to producers and music supervisors for film and TV, so listen for my music this next year! You could also just listen to snippets of the album under the music tab on this website, but where's the anticipation in that? Nowhere. There is no anticipation in that.

BIG RIVER with Javier Colon at Unquowa Theatre Company

For only 4 performances, I'll be performing as Huck Finn in Big River with Javier Colon (winner of The Voice Season 1) as Jim in Fairfield Connecticut! We're being directed by Kirby Ward, a great New York based actor and director, in whose capable hands, I think, we can make this 1850 story into a politically relevant discussion about the historical roots of racism, the moral compass of humanity battling against the standards of society, and the increasingly important question of right and wrong. The run is from June 15th-17th, so don't miss it! 

NEVER STOP FIGHTING: A Collection of Political Speeches

My Drama Group 47 at The Juilliard School has put together a collection of political speeches that will be presented on campus at 6:00pm in Paul Hall on December 13th, 2016. I will also be releasing videos of the speeches as a series here and on Youtube, so look for it!



"We'll Try It Again: Dance Rehearsal" Trailer

Got to work with some of the best dancers in the country, and we wanted to share a few clips from the dance rehearsals! Might there be a mockumentary of the rehearsal process on the horizon? There might... There might...

"We'll Try It Again" Teaser Trailer

I've been writing music since I was seven and tap dancing since I was eight, and figured the two might just go together. So, in my first music video to my new single "We'll Try It Again," I thought it was as good of a time as any to combine the two! After some blood, sweat, and sunburn, the music video is nearly finished. But in the meantime, you can watch the trailer!