Nicholas Podany

Hello there! I'm Nicholas Podany, and this is my website. I am an actor and musician in Los Angeles. You may know me as Max from Hart of Dixie, Conor from the world premeire of Hermetically Sealed, Johnny from The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, or simply as the bassist/lead vocalist in the band Across Coves.

 My representation:

AMT Artists (Theatrical): Arthur Toretzky at (818) 582-2490 

and Daniel Hoff (Commercial): Ninna Sexmith at (323) 932-2500

For additional information, go to the contact page. If you want to know more about me (you are at my website, after all), check out my bio page. If you want to see what I've done, check out the reels and resume page. Want to know what's coming next? Check out the News page! Have you come here to see a nice combination of black, white, and red printing? Well, you can stay on this page for that, I suppose. 

If you clicked on this link accidentally and are looking for another one, sorry that this is not the one you are looking for, and I hope you find your destination in the near future.

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