Since the age of six, I've been acting onstage. Though my first grade rendition of Duke Orisino in "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare was not met with the anticipated gasps of awe and anticipation from the audience, but instead a series of "awww"s and "look how cute"s, I continued performing and learning about drama, until I realized it's what my future job had to be. So, I began working outside of school at local theaters, performing onstage and eventually on screen, learning the whole while from amazing casts and crews I'll never forget. Along the journey thus far, I've had the honor of working with people like Hal Linden, Cameron Watson, Rachel Bilson, Carolyn Cantor, Christopher Durang, Jim Houghton, Joel Polis, and Lea Floden, among many others.

To see some of the film work I've done thus far, check out my Dramatic Reel and my Comedic Reel.