July 2015:

I just wrapped up the first staged reading of my first original play The Book Club at the Skylight Theatre Company as part of their Inkubator Series. It was such a joy to work with director Joel Polis again, who directed me back in Hermetically Sealed. 

I've also started a new soundcloud featuring segments of some of the film scores I've composed in the past. This way, if someone has a project that needs original music, they can find their way to my site! If you want to check it out for yourself, here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/podany-film-music

And, as always, be sure to check out my singer/songwriter page at https://soundcloud.com/nicholas-podany !

April 2015:

Needless to say, school has kept me busy! Being a student at Juilliard Group 47 has been so inspiring and extremely rewarding. I couldn't ask for a better education in acting! But it hasn't stopped me from making art of my own!

I have finished the post-production of my short film, Writer's Block, that I wrote, starred in, and produced. A great director named Gui Pereira directed the project, and I'd suggest him to anyone in need of a fearless leader. The whole project looks great, and I'm excited to start submitting it to festivals... I'll keep you all posted on that!

By the way, I've been working on getting my demo reels working on this website, but in the meantime, you can find them on IMDb and/or youtube! 


May 2014:

Well, the time has finally come to announce that for the next four years I will be in New York city studying in the BFA Drama program at The Juilliard School. I'm thrilled and honored to be going to such an incredible college, and I can't wait to show all of you what I learn there!

However, before I go off to New York, I'm currently rehearsing 'Dentity Crisis by Christopher Durang (who, coincidentally, works at Juilliard) which will be performing in June as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. That is being directed by the truly wonderful Alexa Sascha Lewin, who is an amazingly inspiring force to be working with. I'm also in a short film called "Thicker," written by Jonathan Dorf, and I will certainly keep all of you posted on when it's out, because his writing is NOT something to miss. He's also given me the opportunity to write a song that will serve as a soundtrack to the end of the film! So listen for my song "Thicker" at the end!

April 2014:

Everyone! I've been working away at something that I cannot announce quite yet, but I'll let you know soon! In the mean time, I've been writing quite a bit! I just finished up a reading of my new play "The Book Club." It's very Beckett-esque and slightly absurdist, so if that's your cup of tea, I'll keep you updated.

I've also been selected as one of six candidates to be  one of two Presidential Scholars in the Arts (Theatre). I find out more about that in May, so I'll be posting more about that. 

January 2014:

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good year! I know I did! Since I last wrote, I closed "Ah, Wilderness!" and was awarded "Best Lead Performance" from Broadway World. The play was also awarded "Best Play" from the Sage Awards.

I also was chosen as one of 21 national theatre finalists to compete in YoungArts week in Miami Florida. There, I was taught by Michael McElroy, Jen Waldman, Kenneth Noel Mitchell, Kevin Carroll, Mollye Otis, and Marcus Quiniones. In addition to those wonderful teachers, I had the chance to take master classes with inspirational figures like Rita Moreno and Andrew Rannells. It was one of the best weeks of my life, and I am so excited to share with the world what I learned!

August 2013:

It's been a while! While I've been gone I've been cast in and have been rehearsing the show "Ah, Wilderness!" by Eugene O'Neil at the Actors Co-op Theatre in which I play the lead role Richard. It opens September 6th and closes on October 13th. 

My band has played at the Roxy now twice and we're hoping to play a third time soon! I'll let you know more about that when everything is clearer. Also, our music video for Don't Leave Me Lonely just passed 4,000 views which is very exciting! 

I've just gotten back from Chicago where I participated in a 5 week acting intensive at Northwestern University (also known as 'Cherubs'). It was such an unbelievable experience and I would definitely recommend it to any high school students reading this!


April 2013:

Well, a lot has happened. I've done a reading of 23.5 Hours at the Rubicon Theatre in Ventura and I've filmed two more Hart of Dixie episodes since January and am now considered a recurring character on the show! My band, Across Coves, has played at the Roxy, after opening for Maroon 5 at the Nokia Theatre, where we released our new album, 'Helium'! We've actually been invited to play at the Roxy again in May! Hope to see you there! 

A quick bit of more band news, we will soon be releasing a music video to our original song "Don't Leave Me Lonely." It is directed by Gui Pereira and features my friend from Hart of Dixie (who you may know from the Olympics), McKayla Maroney.

January 2013:

Happy New Year, everyone!! Quite a bit has happened in the past two months! My band and I, Across Coves, will be opening for Maroon 5 at Nokia Theatre on January 13th at a benefit! Pretty insane. I feel incredibly honored to share a stage with such giants in the music industry.

I'm filming a new Hart of Dixie episode as well! I've been in on set school with McKayla Maroney and McKaley Miller for the past two days due to weather complications, but we'll film soon, and I've become friends with the two along the way. The whole cast and crew are really one of the nicest group of people in Hollywood. If you want to see the chaos of the school room, check out McKayla's "keeks."

Look for my interview on the Actors Reporter website on January 4th! I'll be interviewed by/interviewing the lovely Laci Kay.

November 2012:

My episode on Hart of Dixie,"Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me," just aired on the 20th! My first TV episode appearance! What an honor it was to work with Rachel Bilson, McKayley Miller, Wilson Bethel, and even the olympic gold medalist, McKayla Maroney! Keep your eyes peeled for me to return on Hart of Dixie on December 11th!

In other news, my band and I, Across Coves, are making the finishing touches to our first 10-song album "Helium." More to follow on that.

September 2012:

Well this has been an eventful month. I was cast in and recently finished filming a short Western movie called "The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain," directed by Gui Pereira. If you want to see photos of it, just go to Photos and look for the pictures in which I look like a cowboy.

ALSO! I was just cast and am currently filming a big guest star role in the CW show "Hart of Dixie." The cast is wonderful to work with!! So look for me when the second season comes out! 

A quick shoutout to my two wonderful acting coaches, Lea Floden and Erin Cottrell for helping me achieve these recent roles and opportunities! 

August 2012:

Hello! I'm back from Rutgers Acting Conservatory out in New Jersey. What an experience! I was packed head to toe with Meisner technique and movement training and voice/speech training; everything I need to be a better actor! I'm excited to show what I've learned through my work and auditions...

My Swiffer commercial is now up and running! Look for it on every channel you can!

Also, I just joined Cameron Watson's acting class for the month. Here, I'm learning just as much sitting down as I am on stage. Simply watching the way the other actors work and the way Cameron skillfully directs them is enough education! I worked with Cameron in "On Golden Pond" with Hal Linden and Christina Pickles at the Colony Theatre last summer.

Just one more quick piece of news! I also just interviewed all of the teen celebrities who went to the 27th annual Children's Arts Festival at Paramount Studios. It was for Actors Reporter, a website on which I have made several appearances. What a wonderful experience!

June 2012: 

So what's next for me? Probably auditions. But every now and then I actually book a part. Now, I'm guessing you don't want me to list every audition I've ever been to, so instead, I'll tell you what is up ahead.

 First off, I have just released a brand new music video! I wrote and performed the music and lyrics as well as editing the video. Check it out here: 


Next we go to acting... Let's start with screen. I recently filmed a national commercial for Swiffer! It was my first commercial ever and was really incredible. It should be coming out in august. So keep your eyes on the look out!

In the theatre world, I finished a four month run of the World Premiere of "Hermetically Sealed" by Kathryn Graf. But just because it closed does not mean you can't get a taste for what it was like. Here! Reviews! Here are a couple of quotes from them:

 "…the show belongs to Bermingham and Podany, beyond praise as traumatized mother and son. Podany has a preternatural intensity beyond his years, and Bermingham inhabits her latter-day Mildred Pierce with heartbreaking complexity.” -Los Angeles Times

 Podany, most impressive given his youth -- he's a local high school sophomore -- delivers a dynamic, in-depth performance.” -LA Weekly

But the real star is Nicholas Podany, recently seen at the Colony Theatre’s “On Golden Pond.” Still in high school, this young man performs with the self-restraint and specificity of a seasoned, mature actor. He is definitely one to keep an eye out for as he will no doubt be a very busy, in demand young actor." -Eye Spy LA 

To be honest I always feel conceited whenever I show those to people. But I was very happy when they came out. And surprised. Ah gee, I'm blushing.




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